Open Source Meter's White Papers

  • Understanding .NET Micro Framework Architecture
  • The Open Source Meter design is based on .Net Micro. The intent of this design is to leverage a large base of .Net programmers and a large low cost set of programming tools- mainly Visual Studio. This philosophy allows us to provide an API that exposes all metering, display, memory and communications functionality. All peripheral interfaces are kept simple and easy to use through external hardware based peripherals. This document serves to help better understand the concept of .NET Micro Architecture.

  • Metering Math for the Open Source Meter
  • The Open Source Meter is based on the CS5463 metering chip. The basic Theory of operation of the CS5463 is it is a dual-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a complex computational engine that performs power calculations and energy-to-pulse conversions. The metering chip has a number of measurement functions that are applicable to both power monitoring and power quality monitoring. This document serves to better understand some of the calculations involved in metering.

  • Burden Resistor and Current Transformer Math
  • This paper helps to create a better understanding of how to choose the correct burden resistor for a current transformer (CT) and an application that you require. Additionally, this paper shows the basic math for calculating burden resistor value, number of turns, primary current, and secondary output voltage.

  • Theoretical Function of Current Transformers
  • This document is provided to help gain a stronger understanding of the theoretical function of current transformers.

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