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OSMLP-4E 4-20mA Loop Powered 0.45″ LCD Panel Meter 4 1/2 Digit

$ 54.00

Digit Size: 0.45″
Power: Loop Powered
Input Type: 4-20mA
Digits: 4-1/2

Annunciators: °F, °C, PSI, % user selectable
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  • Large 0.45″, 4-1/2 digit display for easy viewing
  • Decimal point user selectable
  • Engineering units user selectable  (°F, °C, PSI, %)
  • Wide ZERO (Offset) and SPAN (Gain) adjustment
  • Standard DIN package
  • 4-20mA   loop-powered input
  • Accuracy: + -(0.05% of full scale + 2 count)
  • Snap-in panel mounting
  • Optional Red, Green or Amber backlighting
  • The backlight requires 24VDC power


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Display: Digits: 4 ½ digits (±19999 counts)
Type: 0.45″ (11.4 mm) 7 segment LCD
Backlighting: Optional Red Negative
(red numbers/black background)
Optional Green Negative
(green numbers/black background) Optional Amber Negative
(amber numbers/background)
Optional Green Positive
(black numbers/green background)
Polarity: automatic, “-” displayed
Annunciators: °F, °C, PSI, % user selectable
Decimal Points: 4 position, user selectable
Overrange: four lower order digits blank for inputs >19999 & <-19999
Inputs: Ranges: 4-20mA DC
Configuration: bipolar differential
Impedance: 300Ω nominal @ 20 mA
Performance: Accuracy: ± (0.1% fs + 2 count)
Conversion Rate: 3 per second
Normal Mode Rejection: >30 dB @ 60 Hz
Adjustments: span (gain) and zero (offset)
Warmup: 10 minutes typical
Temperature Coeff.: ± 100 ppm per °C typical
Environment: Operating Range: 0 to 50 °C
Storage Range: -10 to 70 °C
Power Supply: powered by milliamp control loop
Optional Backlight: 24V DC at 35 mA typical
Mounting: snap-in bezel mount
Connection: 2 screw terminal (4 with backlight)



OSMLP-4E This 4-20mA input loop powered LCD meter has a 4.5 digit display with 0.45″ numbers. It features an selectable units and wide zero/span adjustments. There is no backlight on this display.


OSMLP-4E Datasheet




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