Design and Distribution

A wide offering of components for OEM, Power, Energy and Industrial needs. Low cost Panel Meters for process control and display, many colors and sizes. Current sensor 5A, 333mV and DC output. Transducers and Calibration equipment for a full solution.


For demanding watertight solutions a prefabricated NEMA 4 and 4X enclosure is a must for reliability and robustness. Our enclosure is a safe bet for a sensible low cost path to getting a project done.


Open Source Meter Inc. offers a quality yet cost effective line of products applicable to agriculture. We offer a full range of loop powered and voltage input process control solutions for display of temperature and pressure. Perfect for Greenhouses, Irrigation systems and Poultry Operations.

Mining and Industrial  

Loop powered 4-20mA and Voltage powered panel meters. Large and small current sensors for power and process control. We can customize our transducers and sensors to you needs. 



Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, there is a constant need to measure air flow, current, pressure, voltage and other process related input. We offer a solution to a cost sensitive market for measurement displays and sensors.

Open Source Meter Inc.  — Product Categories —

    Panel Meters

    Loop Powered 4-20mA or Voltage Input Displays 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 Digit RED, GREEN, BLUE, AMBER

    Split Core CT 5A

    5A Output Current Transformers

    Solid Core CT 333mVAC

    333mV Current Transformers and Sensors

    Split Core CT 333mVAC

    333mVAC Split Core Current Sensors

    Rogowski Coils

    Split Core Rope CTs For high amperage loads

    Power Supplies and Accessories

    Power Supplies and Accessories for Panel Meters


    Calibration Equipment and Test and Measurement


    Specialized transducers for interconnection to process control

Featured Products for Monitoring, Process Control and Display

What’s New 

We now offer 5A Split Core Current Transformers with a nominal current range starting from 100A and going to 2000A. The product lines we support are OSM–W and ICT-2000.
Water tight enclosures for the Panel Meter OSM-3E product line are being offered in 1, 2 or 3 up configurations. Custom solutions can be offered for the panel meter OSM-4E
Open Source Meter is now offering A split-core DC voltage output transducer series OSM-DCT the offering will be for both 100A in with 5VDC output and 10A in with 10VDC output